Coop: Blog en-us Coop's Captures Photography (Coop) Fri, 06 May 2016 14:14:00 GMT Fri, 06 May 2016 14:14:00 GMT Coop: Blog 100 100 Long time no blog Yup, it's really me.  Once again I have neglected to share pics with my non-facebook friends.  Since you last heard form me, I have been working on establishing myself as a Real Estate Photographer.  Here is my real estate website

I don't get out for nature photography as much as I used to, I have to concentrate on making a living for a while. 


Here is a sample of what I have been up since my last post


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Surfing 365 for the Homeless Yesterday I had the pleasure of documenting the 365th consecutive day of surfing of Eddie Gelles.  Eddie is a Cocoa Beach resident who decided on his 50th birthday last year to start a project of surfing every day for a year to raise awareness and donations for the Daily Bread soup kitchen in Melbourne.  Eddie had support from some friends in the local surf community to help keep it fun and keep him motivated.  Yesterday the waves weren't great and it was cold and windy, but they came together to surf and support their friend on his 365th day.  The plans for today, day 366, Eddie's 51st birthday, was not to rest but to once again surf with friends.  Well done, Eddie and Happy Birthday! 


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10-17-2014 Jetty Park Surfers Winter has arrived in Florida.  Of course that means 50 degrees here, not freezing.  It was a chilly rainy day, so I stayed in and remembered that I had an entire surf session that I had never processed.  So, here are the pictures from Jetty Park on 10-17-2014.  There was a little swell from distant Hurricane Gonzalo and some of the Core Surf boys were at Jetty Park.

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Veteran's Day 2014 Today is the day we honor all of those who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces.  Hopefully everyone appreciates them for their service all year round.  I went to the Merritt Island, FL, Veterans Memorial Center, with family Vets Bill Burch and the other Paul Cooper. They held a nice ceremony with a few good speakers and finished up with the dedication of a new Afghanistan Memorial.  

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

_CCP9463-2_CCP9463-2 _CCP9464-3_CCP9464-3 _CCP9466-5_CCP9466-5 _CCP9467-6_CCP9467-6 _CCP9468-7_CCP9468-7 _CCP9471-10_CCP9471-10 _CCP9472-11_CCP9472-11 _CCP9474-13_CCP9474-13 _CCP9475-14_CCP9475-14 _CCP9478-17_CCP9478-17 _CCP9480-19_CCP9480-19 _CCP9482-21_CCP9482-21 _CCP9483-22_CCP9483-22 _CCP9484-23_CCP9484-23 _CCP9485-24_CCP9485-24 _CCP9490-29_CCP9490-29 _CCP9492-31_CCP9492-31 _CCP9493-32_CCP9493-32 _CCP9496-35_CCP9496-35 _CCP9499-38_CCP9499-38 _CCP9504-43_CCP9504-43 _CCP9505-44_CCP9505-44 _CCP9506-45_CCP9506-45 _CCP9509-48_CCP9509-48 _CCP9511-50_CCP9511-50 _CCP9513-52_CCP9513-52 _CCP9515-54_CCP9515-54 _CCP9518-57_CCP9518-57 _CCP9520-59_CCP9520-59 _CCP9522-61_CCP9522-61 _CCP9523-62_CCP9523-62 _CCP9525-64_CCP9525-64 _CCP9528-67_CCP9528-67 _CCP9529-68_CCP9529-68 _CCP9530-69_CCP9530-69 _CCP9535-74_CCP9535-74 _CCP9536-75_CCP9536-75 _CCP9537-76_CCP9537-76 _CCP9538-77_CCP9538-77 _CCP9539-78_CCP9539-78 _CCP9541-80_CCP9541-80 _CCP9546-85_CCP9546-85 _CCP9549-88_CCP9549-88 _CCP9550-89_CCP9550-89 _CCP9554-93_CCP9554-93 _CCP9555-94_CCP9555-94 _CCP9559-98_CCP9559-98 _CCP9560-99_CCP9560-99 _CCP9561-100_CCP9561-100 _CCP9564-103_CCP9564-103 _CCP9566-105_CCP9566-105 _CCP9567-106_CCP9567-106

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Chris Burkard Workshop Yesterday I attended a photography workshop.  This is something that I thought I would never do, since they cost a lot of money and generally only teach you things you can learn on your own if you are motivated enough.  The situation changed for me when I saw that one of my favorite photographers would be having a workshop in New Smyrna Beach, an hour drive from my home.  

Chris Burkard came onto my radar when he released a video of surfing in Iceland  In the past year, my photography has been highly concentrated on both surfing and Iceland, but never together.  Chris' passion to go to extreme locations and his ability to get his work in front of people who want to see it inspire me.  I did not want to go to a his workshop to have him show me how he takes his pictures, but to learn more about how plans his projects and manages his photography career.  I was not disappointed, as Chris was very generous with information and determined to work personal one on one time with each participant to make sure they got what they needed out of the experience.  I may never attend another workshop, but I am very glad that I did attend this one.  

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ESM Coverage of Salty Sweet Pro-Am Surf Contest Eastern Surf Magazine did a great piece on the Inaugural Salty Sweet Women's Pro-Am Surf Contest, at the Cocoa Beach Pier.  I am proud to say that many of my photos were chosen to accompany the article and are my first published surfing photos.  Salty Sweet is a local company that specializes in clothing for women who love the ocean.  Crystal Cooper(no relation to me), the founder of the company did an amazing job of organizing, promoting and hosting this contest and it was executed like no other first time event I have ever seen.  You can read the article and see my pictures here:

You can see all of my pictures from the contest here:



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10-29-2014 Atlas V Rocket Launch Yesterday there was an Atlas V rocket launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.  This one went better than the Antares rocket that exploded at the Wallops, VA launch site.  I don't have access to closer shooting locations anymore, so I just shot a little wider and made an animated gif file. Coop: Iceland pics &emdash;

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10-28-2014 Viera Wetlands I had to go to Viera this morning for jury duty, but was released at 11:30.  I had taken extra clothes and my camera, hoping that would happen.  Viera Wetlands is only 2 miles from the courthouse, so there I went. 


American Bittern

Great Blue Heron - Don't you hate when you get something stuck in your teeth!

American Alligator

American Alligator

Palm Warbler


The rare & elusive Great Blue Duck

Juvenile Little Blue Heron

Florida Red-bellied Cooters

Pied-billed Grebe

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I'm Back.....for now :) I know this Blog has been spotty at best.  I will try once again to overcome my laziness and update this more often.  As many of you know, I went to Iceland again in September and got some great new shots.  This was my first time trying to see and photograph the Northern Lights and I succeeded!  I will be gradually working on processing these files and releasing them.  

For today I just want to share a few bird shots from my walk on the beach at Jetty Park last evening.  I hope you enjoy them, share the link to this Blog and visit and "Like" my Facebook Photography page  

Brown Pelicans

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November Photo a Day I need a little push to experiment and share more pictures.  There is no theme, just a pledge to up date this post with a new Photo a Day for the rest of the month.  So, let's see how I do and if I am able to follow through. 

To start this off, I can think of no better way than with some pretty surfer girls ready to enjoy some waves at The Cocoa Beach Pier.

Day 1 - Nov 17, 2013

Day  1 -Surfer girls at The Cocoa Beach PierDay 1 -Surfer girls at The Cocoa Beach Pier


Day 2 - Nov 18, 2013.  Only Day 2 and I'm in trouble already.  All of my morning shots sucked and were deleted.  I scrambled tonight and decided I would just post a beginning picture of the studio that I am setting up in my back room.  This picture sucks too, but I'm in just before midnight :)  A blank slate, time to get busy!


Day 3 - Nov 19, 2013.  I spent the morning on the beach at The Cocoa Beach Pier.  I was joined by Nico Ramos, a photographer from Argentina.  There were lots of fun waves and many surfers enjoying them.  We ended up staying longer than planned, just having fun shooting the awesome surfers with great FL Fall weather.  Of course I had to sneak in a few shots of the many birds that were also enjoying the beach.  This one is a Brown Pelican preparing to dive on some Mullet in the surf.


Day 4 - 11/20/2013.  Now for something completely different!  A picture of my phone sitting on my desk on speaker.  Why you ask?  I have just spent the last hour and a half trying to reach FL Unemployment Agency.  I have received only 1 week of benefits since being layed off on 5/31/2013.  I finally got a message that my claim was being investigated last Friday 11/16.  The message stated that they mailed me a questionnaire and the deadline for reply is Thur 11/21.  I never received a questionnaire in the mail and tomorrow is 11/21.  After an hour and a half on the phone, I reached a live person.  She told me that the info could be submitted on-line, but the questions were not showing up on my computer.  It turns out that the brand new computer system for FL Unemployment released last month is only compatible with very old browser versions (sound familiar?).  Anyway, this picture represents my frustration with inefficient government, state, federal or local.  End of rant, end of politics for now.  Tomorrow morning I will be on the beach again with my camera and it will all go away :)


Day 5 - 11/21/2013.  Today began again at The Cocoa Beach Pier, with Nico Ramos.  Dennis Griffin and his Core Surf Team Riders were out to catch some waves before work.  These guys are always fun to shoot and it is a joy to see how stoked they are every time they head into the surf.  Starting the day off at the beach with my camera in hand is about as close as I will come to what they feel.  In this photo, Willy Cole is ritually waxing his board for grip, before paddling into the waves.


Day 6 - 11/22/2013.  I started the day again at The Cocoa Beach Pier.  This was not planned, yet I ran into Dennis Griffin and Kyle Isner heading out to catch some waves before work.  I had taken some bracketed sunrise shots  earlier and had planned to do some manual exposure blending for the Photo a Day.  However, I was not happy with what I was able to achieve.  So, I am going to snuggle up in my comfort zone once again and post a safe shot.  Here is Dennis Griffin of Core Surf, greeting the morning and living his dream.


Day 7 - 11-23-2013. Another beautiful morning at the beach! Sunrise at Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral, FL.  I got p early to shoot a timelapse at the Port.  The port turned out to be boring, I thought there would be boats heading our to fish, but no.  Before leaving I went scouting around Jetty Park for a new perspective and found a good place to shoot a time lapse tomorrow.  I took a quick grab shot to be sure it was what I thought it was.  It turns out that the grab shot is now my most popular shot on Facebook.  You just never know!

Another beautiful morning at the beach!  Sunrise at Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral, FL.Another beautiful morning at the beach! Sunrise at Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral, FL.

Day 8 - Nov 24, 2013.  Photo a Day for today is another glimpse into my life.  This is a picture of my desk where I spend WAY more time, than I do out shooting.  The business of photography involves much more than taking pictures.  I won't get into the nitty gritty, but I enjoy it all and am glad that I have the opportunity to pursue this.


Day 9 - Photo a Day 11/25/2013.  Today's photo comes from a boat ramp in Port St John, FL.  This is the VAB(Vehicle Assembly Building) on Kennedy Space Center.  When I used to work there, Space Shuttles were integrated with their fuel tanks and boosters and readied to roll out to the launch pad.  The VAB was about 10 miles from my location, so not a great shot.  My reason for taking this picture is that I was there waiting for the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.  This was to be Spacex' first launch of a communications satellite to a geostationary transfer orbit – 80,000 km from Earth.  Unfortunately, rocket launches can't be counted on to launch when you want them to.  So, instead of a picture of a rocket launch, this is what you get!


Day 10 - Photo a Day 11/26/2013.  The Black Hole.  I used to pass by Shuttles everyday going to work.  Now that I don't work at Kennedy Space Center, I don't make it up that way often.  This is what is left of the Pub after the shutdown of the Space Shuttle Program and the layoff of thousands of workers.


Day 11 - Photo a Day 11/27/2013.  Merry Thanksgiving????   Today's picture tells it's own story.  Happy THANKSGIVING!!!


Day 12 - Photo a Day 11/28/2013.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Today's photo is the TurkeyDay spread with my family.  I hope everyone ate too much like we did and enjoyed time with your families.  The SpaceX rocket launch was scrubbed again tonight, so still no launch picture.  Stay safe on the roads and try not to get hurt or hurt anyone on Black Friday!


Day 13 - Nov 29, 2013.  Today's photo is a reminder to support small business and artists.  These pictures hang on a wall in my home and were painted by wildlife artist and good friend Tim Larson,  Don't support the big box stores and buy crap for Christmas, buy something that will last and be treasured!


Day 14, 11-30-2013 Photo a Day.  The photo today will be a slideshow.  These are pictures from Merritt Island's first ever Christmas Tree event with a Party and Ornament Drive at the ILMI Hut,  I got to meet some nice new people who love Merritt Island as much as I do and have fun.  Not sure if I am going to continue the Photo a Day for December, we will see.....


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09-10-2013 Viera & Cruickshank Sanctuary A fun morning shooting with Scott Helfrich at Viera Wetlands and Cruickshank Sanctuary. 


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06-25-2013 MINWR I went to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge (MINWR) to meet up with Scott Helfrich for sunrise and birding.  Summer is slow at the Refuge, but we still found a few things to shoot and had a good time.


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06-20-2013 Lake Toho Kayak Trip I love being in my kayak on the water in Florida, but you already know that.  Snail Kite is the usual target species when going to Lake Toho, but I only found 1 on this trip.  Fortunately, there were vast areas of Water Lilies and Yellow Lotus to enjoy.  As a bonus, when returning to the launch, there were several Swallow-tailed Kites soaring and feasting on the bounty of dragonflies.


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Iceland 2013 - Part II I have a few more shots processed from the thousands that I took.  The waterfalls are great in Iceland and I barely scratched the surface.  Birding is also fantastic I would recommend a trip to anyone who can do it!  I camped with a small tent and sleeping bag, so I could keep my schedule loose and not have to look for a room in the middle of the night.  With no real darkness this time of year, photo opportunities are available around the clock and sleep was not on a normal schedule.


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Iceland 2013 - Part I My trip to Iceland was a success!  I am home and mostly rested up and recovered.  I had planned to only cover the south and west of the Island, but couldn't stop and went all the way around.  It seemed like the more I drove, the more beautiful it got.  I missed out on Puffins until the end and had to make a mad dash to Latrabjarg the last night.  I am including a link to a video of the Puffin Adventure.  Stay tuned, much more to come.....


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01-27-2013 Mosquito Lagoon Thank you for visiting my Blog.  All images are available for purchase from my Home Page:


The Space Coast Birding Festival was this week in Titusville.  Those that know me, know I avoid crowds whenever possible.  I wanted to shoot @ Merritt Island National refuge, but thought it would be clogged with birders from the festival.  The answer was to use my kayak, which I prefer anyway.  The weather cooperated and wind was light, perfect for kayaking.  No crowds on the water :) 


To view a larger slideshow, click here:


White Pelican Take-Off

White Pelican Take-Off White Pelican in Shadows

White Pelican in Shadows Bonaparte's Gull Peek-a-boo

Bonaparte's Gull Peek-a-boo Bonaparte's Gull Wing Stretch

Bonaparte's Gull Wing Stretch Great Blue Heron with Snake

Great Blue Heron with Snake Great Blue Heron with Snake

Great Blue Heron with Snake Roseate Spoonbill

Roseate Spoonbill


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01-18-2013 Viera Wetlands Thank you for visiting my Blog.  All images are available for purchase from my Home Page:


Just a couple from a quick trip around Viera Wetlands on my way back from Melbourne.  Great Blue Herons are currently nesting there, worth the trip if you are in the area.


Blue-winged Teal Drake

_CCP5309-27-Edit Great Blue Heron


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01-18-2013 Cruickshank Sanctuary Thank you for visiting my Blog.  All images are available for purchase from my Home Page:


I got up early to see if I could catch this Pileated Woodpecker coming out of his roost hole.  About 5 minutes after I set up, he appeared.  It was still too early for good light, but I'm happy with what I got.  The Scrub Jays are always a fun experience that will never get old.


To view a larger slideshow, click here:


Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker Florida Scrub Jay

Florida Scrub Jay Florida Scrub Jay

Florida Scrub Jay Florida Scrub Jay

Florida Scrub Jay Florida Scrub Jay

Florida Scrub Jay

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01-12-2013 Merritt Island Kayaking Thank you for visiting my Blog.  All images are available for purchase from my Home Page:


We had fantastic weather this weekend and my kayak was calling.  Saturday morning I stayed close to home and kayaked a place I know that no-one else goes.  My hope was to get some good duck pictures, but this place is also great for Swallows.  The last time I went it was Barn Swallows, this time I was greeted by thousands of Tree Swallows.  I spent about 2 hours with them, most of the time I was about 15 feet away from a few small trees that had hundreds of Swallows resting and preening.  After leaving the Swallows I did find a few Blue-winged Teal and a group of about 50 Hooded Mergansers.  I could hear duck hunters shooting to the south, so made sure I didn't push them.  On my way back to the launch I drifted silently around a blind corner and surprised a Tri-colored Heron about 10 feet away.  He looked at me like how did you get the drop on me?  I was so close that he didn't know what to do and just looked at me as I floated by.

Sunday I left the camera at home an went fishing in the Banana River No Motor Zone.  It was windy, but I caught one nice Redfish and enjoyed another morning on the water.

To view a larger slideshow, click here:


Tri-colored Heron

Tri-colored Heron Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow Tree Swallows Posing

Tree Swallows Posing Hooded Merganser

Hooded Merganser Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican Fantasia Pose Hooded Mergansers

Hooded Mergansers Tri-colored Heron

Tri-colored Heron

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01-05-2013 Viera Wetlands Thank you for visiting my Blog.  All images are available for purchase from my Home Page:


My friend Andy Nguyen, returned from a lengthy photography trip around the US and wanted to get out for some Florida shooting.  We met up at Viera Wetlands, but lighting conditions were less than ideal.  The poor light did not deter either of us from shooting and having a good time.  It is always good to get out with Andy, as it is a good reminder of what can be accomplished with lots of practice and dedication.


To view a larger slideshow, click here:


Andy Nguyen blending in to the background

Andy Nguyen blending in to the background Blue-winged Teal Blast Off

Blue-winged Teal Blast Off Hooded Merganser Fly-by

Hooded Merganser Fly-by Forsters Tern fishing in evening sun

Forsters Tern fishing in evening sun Blue-winged Teal on Golden Pond

Blue-winged Teal on Golden Pond

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